Monday, September 24, 2007

Obedience Training Graduation!

Tomorrow night two of our doggies graduate from beginner obedience training. Hopefully!!! I am not really worried about Quincy (the older mixed breed). But our baby, Spike, the Mini-Schnauzer still has a lot of problems. I'm hoping that the intermediate training will help him work through them. The trainer has a doorbell that she uses in the intermediate training! That should be very exciting; since they both freak out when someone rings the bell.

Our new addition, Jackie, is adjusting very well. Her injured tail has healed, and the hair has grown back so the bend in it is barely noticable. She is such a sweet doggy. Except when it comes to the cats. That is another story. But we are working on that too. And things are getting much better in that area all the time.

- T


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