Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heyyyy... It's the Fonz !

I wanted to share some happy kitties news with you this time.

I just have to brag and show you my sweet baby, Fonzi. He is the sweetest cat I have EVER known. And I've know a few cats. :) He was rescued with his two siblings from inside an abandon rental house and Mommy was nowhere around to take care of them. He was only 2 weeks old and was hand raised and bottle fed along with his two brothers. He absolutely LOVES people! I can't decide if he is a cat or a teddy bear. Sometimes he even squeaks when he purrs!

He has grown so much in the past 8 months.

Isn't he beautiful? Yes, his eyes are crossed. That is part of his charm! ;)


Jonathan Hunt said...

Just 'discovered' your blog via Entrecard :) I really love the picture of Molly, she is so cute. You have lots of gorgeous pets, consider me very jealous indeed!

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