Thursday, October 23, 2008

These dogs need your help now!

You can help these dogs by making a donation or by searching for your newest best friend. They have an extensive list available through the website. These dogs are in high-kill shelters and need a loving home now! It is so sad to look through the pages and see how many are euthanized every day. You can search for dogs by breed, state, zip code, and/or radius. Please help if you can.

Please be a responsible pet owner. Get your pets spayed and neutered!


Anonymous said...

It's so sad that this thing is happening. A lot of shelter founders are doing their job right, like the one here, but there are still some irresponsible people out there. Thanks for sharing it.

dannah said...

Yeah, a huge number of animals remain homeless. It pays to spay/neuter our pets. Speaking of pets, you should try this Pup-peroni treat for them and get a chance to win $750 worth of prize package at

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