Friday, October 31, 2008

Life in the Country, with other people's horses (and cows)

After last weekends events, I started to think about what I had imagined this place would be, our cozy little farm house.

I never imagined that we would have vicious wild animals that would be a danger to our pets. In fact, one of the reasons we moved here from the suburbs was for our dogs to have more room to run and play. That was actually the main reason. :) I guess I'm just naive, having grown up in the suburbs myself. I'm not afraid to admit that I was very sheltered as a child.

But growing up in our house was tough. So, I've always considered myself a strong person. My mother never liked for us to cry. It was a sign of weakness. But, along with other recent happenings and the incident with Bobbi, things seem so scary to me now. I cried a lot after Bobbi died. Now I am very skittish whenever our dogs are outside without our constant supervision. I'm always running to the windows if I hear any kind of ruckus at all. To top things off, our neighbors have a Pit Bull puppy. Don't get me wrong, I love Pits. We almost adopted a very loving 6 month old girl. (She loved everyone one of us, except the Jack Russel! That was scary!) But I can see that these people don't care for their animals. Which will most surely lead to a bad outcome with that breed. Pit breeds can be the most loving dogs in the world, if properly raised and cared for. They need a human's love and attention. I can feel that the dog will be trouble and it scares me.

The people who live near us have been here for 20+ years and, well, they fit in. I never thought I would feel like an outsider here. This was going to be our lovely country home. Where we could look out our front door and see horses in the pasture (the neighbors horses, of course). I imagined the neighbors would be friendly country folk and always wave and want to chat. But they are not. They never wave or say hello and will rarely speak at all if we see them out by the fence. My vision of a cozy friendly country home has been shattered. So, what now?


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