Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our dogs smell so good!

We have found what we consider to be the absolute best dog shampoo and conditioner, Lambert Kay's Oatmeal and Baking Soda. We have used these shampoos and conditioners for about a year now and haven't been disappointed. Not even on the stinkiest and messiest dogs! In fact, we have a cabinet full of puppy and doggy shampoos. Even that scented stuff that's supposed to make them smell like green apples. But, this shampoo has the perfect ingredients if your pet likes to stay outside (and roll around in the grass and dirt) like ours do. We have 5 dogs, you know, so we are usually giving a few baths every week! :)

These shampoos and conditioners have oatmeal and baking soda which make them perfect for us. The oatmeal is great for skin allergies (and most of our dogs have some kind of problem during the year) and baking soda is the best deodorizer you could ask for. The fresh smell seems to last a lot longer than with most other shampoos. You can find them at most pet stores and online. They are pretty reasonably priced too.


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