Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bringing home another furbaby :)

Tomorrow we should have another rescued kitty arriving in town. It is a male Siamese. I think he is a couple of years old and the rescue said he doesn't have a name. So I'm off to look up male cat names. I want a unique name for him. He has to have a good one, to go with Fonzi. ;)

I will post photos as soon as I can. I'm so excited!


Joanna said...


SlogBite said...

When I was single I had two Siamese cats. They are the best of all cats, in my opinion. Then I met my wife and she was allergic to cats. Let me tell you, that was a really close I keep my wife or the cats (Sheba and Pywacket)? It took a long time to find good homes for them. That was a long time ago and I still miss them. But I made the right decision.

MAC said...

I have to comment on your squirrel video. I have a mother squirrel that eats out of my hand and has been for about 3 years. She has 2 offspring that now come around. They will stand in the window and look inside until I notice them. If I don't see them they will go to the storm door and scratch to get my attention. I then get them peanuts and pecans which they eat and store away. But now that I've seen your video I'm going to try the cup trick. That was so cute.

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