Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New baby is sick :(

The new furbaby had worms and he ended up with an upper respiratory infection. Luckily we had him separated from the other cats for the worms when we noticed that he was coming down with the upper respiratory problem. But he was the only one of seven (the others were outdoor cats) that was not sick when they left the rescue. I guess being in the car with them for the two hour trip was when he caught it. Even thought they were all in separate carriers. Guess it is airborne. That makes sense anyway. But he is on meds now and hopefully will be better in about 7 days. Hum! :\ I'm excited for him to meet the other kitties. I really feel good about them getting along. He was indoors with about 20 other cats before and they said he really got along well with them all. :)

Oh, I forgot, we decided to name him Brady. The girl who rescued him was just calling him baby, so we thought Brady would be a good name, since it sounds similar. ;D


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